Advertising Through Influencers: Quantifying The Impact

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, leveraging influencers has become a powerful strategy to amplify brand messages. Measuring the impact of influencers, and quanitying results can be challenging.

In this webinar experts Abtin Buergari and Andrew Behringer will delve into the strategic integration of influencers into your marketing campaigns and the methodologies to measure their effectiveness.

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Cracking the Attribution Code: Strategies for Agencies and In-House Teams Amidst Privacy Changes
The eternal CEO question is “where did the marketing department’s budget go”? GDPR, CCPA and Google’s decision to phase out cookies has made the process of attribution increasingly more difficult. Here’s how experts are tackling attribution today and in the future.
Ways to Gain Efficiency in Advertising

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Good Enough is Not Enough. How Ad Experts are Driving Media Results Next Year
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Get an in-depth omni-channel analysis of your campaigns, segments, and ads so you can maximize your advertising effectiveness, increase ROI, and reach your target audiences more efficiently.
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Demystifying Attribution in Marketing

Understand and utilize the basic building blocks of attribution technologies with this step-by-step approach. Discover a better approach to these four essential cornerstones of attribution: platform pixels, cookies, tags, and statistical attribution.


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