Driven by a Mission

As our personal privacy continues to change the advertising landscape, determining where and why to invest dollars in advertising is becoming more obscured by the day. As data becomes further siloed and controlled by ad platforms, Advertisers face a myriad of challenges on how to efficiency spend their media budgets.
Our mission is to break out of the walls being created by the ad platforms and empower all advertisers with a Blueprint to run transformative campaigns.

Our Founding 

Blueprint was founded by Abtin Buergari and Ashtan Moore in late 2022. Originally conceptualized in their advertising agency after using most of the major data aggregation and visualization tools, they wanted their media management teams to spend less administrative time building reports, and more time optimizing campaigns for their clients.
Abtin Ashtan

Our Process 

Advertisers use many platforms, tools, data solutions, and work processes to deliver ads to their users. We don’t want to disrupt that. Instead, we’ve introduced a “no-implementation-needed” solution for automating tracking and management of their ads, by directly integrating with their existing workflows/tools. Setup is easy, and the dashboards are automatic.
       Industries We Serve
  • Virtual Health & Health
  • Tech
  • Education
  • Subscription Services
  • Fintech
  • SaaS companies
  • Direct to Consumer Goods

Our Experience

Blueprint was born out of a need for better management of advertising. As an award winning, Washington DC-based digital native agency, Model B managed media for many clients at the same time, each having a distinct end goal in mind. Translating these goals into performance dashboards using Tableau, Datorama, Google Data Studio, PowerBI, Super Metrics, and a host of other tools was only partially successful. There were data problems, dashboard limitations, and client questions they wrestled with. Abtin set out to design a better solution for addressing this problem, which led to the original version of Blueprint.
“Because of Blueprint, we were able to drastically scale our advertising efforts while driving efficiency.
This has led to continuous organizational growth. ”

Ryan P

CMO at $200M TeleHealth

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