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Measure Advertsing Effectiveness

Measure Advertsing Effectiveness

Crystal clear reporting of every ad variation and results for every network, all in an understandable single view

Optimize Across All Platforms

Optimize Across All Platforms

Build a cohesive ad strategy by understanding the best media mix across all platforms, channels and segments.

Spend Ad Dollars Wisely

Spend Ad Dollars Wisely

Get the most bang for your buck by reallocating wasted ad dollars to those ads making the most impact


“Blueprint enriches our Salesforce data so that we understand what parts of our advertising strategy are the most effective.”

Director of Marketing and Communications | Hilton



Blueprint guides marketers to create the best combination of their creatives, audiences, platforms, influencers, and landing pages. Blueprint’s AI suggests how you should spend your ad dollars by evaluating the efficiency of these variables..

Blueprint eliminates the struggle with finding advertising waste and reallocating it. Blueprint’s AI provides clarity on what isn’t working, where you’re spending too much for engagement with your ads, and what you can do about it.

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Blueprint empowers Agencies to make great cross-platform optimization decisions for their clients. Agencies that reduce waste in their clients’ advertising programs get to keep those clients forever.

Blueprint’s optimization AI supercharges an Agency’s media team. It provides them the best option for increasing the efficiency of their clients’ advertising spend, allowing the Agency to keep their clients happy and grow their success.

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Fully Integrated With Your Channels

over 50 platforms

Ad Performance Optimization: Key Features

Simplify measuring cross-platform ad effectiveness

Isolate the performance of every ad variation on any network, for each of your audience so you can increase your advertising effectiveness.
  • No need to implement pixels or cookies
  • Keep your current technology in place
  • Integrates with all major advertising platforms and tools

Find advertising waste and see how to reallocate spend

Blueprint’s Optimizer will figure out where you are overspending so your changes can quickly reduce waste.
  • Tie Blueprint to your key business objectives
  • Spend less on the networks but produce better results
  • Measure influencer value across organic channels and paid media

Cross-platform and Segment optimization recommendations

Perfect your marketing mix with crystal clear understanding of performance for every ad variation and every network.
  • Understand which of your ads have true impact
  • Start with clean, organized and trustworthy data
  • Identify the best combination of creative, audience, platform, influencer, and landing page


How are your campaigns performing across all platforms?​

Our free Ads Health check analyzes essential components of your account, providing you with a report full of insight and actionable advice for identifying what’s working and what’s not, so you can maximize your ad spend efficiency.