Demystifying Attribution in Marketing

Understand and utilize the basic building blocks of attribution technologies with this step-by-step approach

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Discover a better approach to these four essential cornerstones of attribution 


  • Platform pixels
  • Cookies
  • Tags
  • Statistical attribution
Learn to leverage these technologies easily and effectively in this comprehensive guide.

Better attribution means knowing what works.

You constantly have to feed the beast. Every single day we’re checking what creative works, so we can go make more of it.

Ryan Peterson

CMO , Bluechew

What You'll Get in this eBook

Pixel Attribution

How best to implement and useful tips for organization and monitoring

Tagging Structure 

Enhance attribution and how to create successful cross channel tracking

Statistical Models

Understand when to take your attribution to the next level with statistical modeling

Attribution doesn’t need to be a complex puzzle.

Start with these straightforward strategies, and scale your attribution efforts as your marketing grows.