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Our Ads Health check analyzes essential components of your account, providing you with insight and actionable advice for identifying what’s working and what’s not, so you can maximize your ad spend efficiency.

What you'll get in your free report


Inventory of all campaigns, ad segments, creatives, and ad-variations running across all the platforms with which they integrate


Identify and single out highest performing and highest trending ad segments, creatives, and ads.


Receive a “maturity score” for your ads and campaigns (Early, Growing, Developed)


Ad segments, creatives, and ads by engagement or performance and provide highest performing across media buy


Make every dollar count with budget recommendations changes, based on engagement performance.


Insight into your campaigns including highest trending ad segment, creatives, and ads.

Insight for any ad maturity level




Start Using Macros
  • Platform macros (also called dynamic macros) are available in almost all advertising platforms
  • Using platform macros you can bring key data into your attribution environment and assess your performance by many variables


Using Macros and UTMs, here’s the gaps
  • Adopt a UTM structure that integrates the three key variables (campaign, segmentation, creative data)
  • By adopting this structure, you creates the analytics environment needed to make powerful decisions
  • Make sure that you have every ad tracked this way across every platform


Using Unique UTMs – Here Are Optimizations
  • Now that you have a clean data structure, powerful algorithms can help you understand where to change your budget across platforms to achieve your best results

  • You can now see audience and content segmentation across platforms
  • You can see how creatives are performing across platforms

Make every dollar in your ad budget matter

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