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You Downloaded the Free Advertising Effectiveness Tool… now what?

Firstly, we’re excited to have you on board! Blueprint is on a mission to help change the advertising industry by providing the first platform-agnostic technology to give a singular and central view of your entire advertising environment. This means every advertising campaign, across every ad channel, to every audience, and every content theme in one dashboard without ANY manual setup. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s truly revolutionized how brands and agencies are able to view and make decisions about their advertising strategies. 

You took the first step in downloading Blueprint’s Free Advertising Effectiveness Tool, which provides immediate visibility into your cross-channel advertising effectiveness. Once you have this report in your hands, you should Schedule a Time with a member of our team to dive into the insights the report provides. We’re happy to walk you through how we’re associating results from your attribution system (like Google Analytics) to each advertising platform, how those results are performing, where they are trending, where each ad is most effective, and some baseline recommendations on how to gain better performance. 

Now that you understand how powerful the Blueprint technology can be, you’re probably interested in understanding how much more value the Blueprint platform can bring you. Well, given that the Free Advertising Effectiveness Tool is part of the platform, signing up to be a customer and utilize the full power of the platform is super easy. Just Click Here and we can schedule time to learn more about your advertising environment and provide you with an overview on how the Blueprint platform can cut your costs and solve problems that other platforms and groups cannot. 

To provide some more context, our biggest brand advertiser is spending over $100 million a year in paid digital advertising and drives every strategic and buying decision through the optimizations in the platform. Our biggest Ad agency is spending a collective $1 billion a year and is using Blueprint to dashboard their clients’ data and provide insight to campaigns they otherwise cannot garner. 


You have everything covered:

If you have perfect visibility into your cross-channel performance across every advertising variable (audiences, platforms, content, themes, landing pages, and influencers) and no longer want to see your report, you can use the links below in this document to remove your account access to Blueprint. 

By the way, we take security and privacy very seriously. Blueprint has NO access to any PII data or store any of our customer data. These are your accounts, and therefore, it is your data. Please check out our Trust and Privacy to provide more context. 


Platform list to revoke access:


These are the primary platform accounts our customers use to garner their add data. However, we do integrate with about 50 total apps off the shelf. If you have questions or want links to any additional platforms to unhook platform access, please email [email protected].