100% Data Ownership

You have full control of your data.

Analytics data is yours to own

Your Blueprint data is 100% yours to own, with no external parties looking in or at it, nor using it for any purpose.

Your advertising data is incredibly rich with valuable insights. When trusted with the wrong company, it can lead to your competitors gaining an advantage.

True Agents of Change

We are here for one purpose – to help you drive massive success in your marketing objectives. As a believer in a privacy-first world, we don’t subscribe to the traditional pixel, cookie, and userID tracking methods of the past.  We believe that you can achieve incredible results while respecting governmental and individual privacy requirements.

Additionally, our company Blueprint does not use your data for any purpose other than providing you analytics and opportunities for enhancing your advertising performance.

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Data ownership gives you the power to protect privacy

You’re in the driver’s seat with the power to decide what happens to your data, and to protect your user’s privacy.

71% would stop doing business with a company for giving away their sensitive data without permission, according to this Pricewaterhouse Coopers study.

An environment where a users’ privacy is respected and where we can target them with relevant content is possible and incredibly effective. Our technologies empower this and deepen the marketer’s ability to achieve great results.

There is a big difference between targeting a user using relevant information about their interests and storing information about an individual without their content.

As a policy, we do not store user information (neither yours nor your targeted audiences)

We don’t share our clients’ performance data with anyone

Similarly, we believe that clients we support should feel confident that we will not share or store their personal data.

We do not share any client’s individual advertising performance data, strategies, or optimization opportunities. In our eyes, this is privacy data, to be protected. We respect our clients’ privacy.


You have full control over your data and privacy

“No matter whether we are working with granular or big-picture data, we always have confidence that we are making user-benefited decisions based on a complete data set. And having full control of our Matomo data is critical – we get to choose exactly how it’s stored, managed and deleted.”

How can we guarantee you 100% data ownership?

  • Anonymity – your data is 100% anonymized.
  • Downloadability – at any moment, you can request all your data to be downloaded and provided to you in usable CSV format. Once downloaded, you have 100% ownership. You choose what happens to it and where you want your data stored.
  • Connectivity to your technologies – you can disconnect Blueprint from your martech tools and advertising accounts at any moment through our integration library. By disconnecting your account, we lose access to any data you have stored in those applications.
  • No Rights – We neither obtain nor maintain any rights to your personal data. Any data used to better our systems is completely anonymized, and cannot be traced to a source.

Earning people’s trust

As we progress forward into a technology landscape that requires privacy-first policies, Blueprint will continue to earn its clients’ trust.

While Blueprint’s products and technologies have grown, our values remain the same – advocating for 100% data ownership, respecting user-privacy, and encouraging people to stay secure.

When working with Blueprint, you can feel confident that we will continue to power great advertisers, while protecting their private information, and protecting the private information of their users.