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How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness | A Guide

In this blog post, we’ll define the meaning of ‘advertising effectiveness,’ address the most commonly asked questions about how to measure the effectiveness of your ads, and explain why it’s critical that you have the tools to measure efficiently and accurately.

Your advertising effectiveness is directly tied to the success of your company. To massively scale, you have to achieve the right return on your advertising investments, and doing so starts by establishing the right program.

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The Birth of Blueprint: Revolutionizing Paid Media Management 

In 2017, we launched an ad agency. While our business grew, we noticed a problem our clients constantly faced: the technology available didn’t give them a complete picture of how their campaigns performed. It only told half the story.

After a few years, we started working with bigger brands and the problem magnified. In 2020 we began the baseline tracking technology to help our agency. By 2022, we realized that this technology could change how people managed any form of digital advertising and we set out to build something to improve the world of advertising and media management. And as it turned out, we did.

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