The Birth of Blueprint: Revolutionizing Paid Media Management

In 2017, we launched an ad agency. While our business grew, we noticed a problem our clients constantly faced: the technology available didn’t give them a complete picture of how their campaigns performed. It only told half the story.

After a few years, we started working with bigger brands and the problem magnified. In 2020 we began the baseline tracking technology to help our agency. By 2022, we realized that this technology could change how people managed any form of digital advertising and we set out to build something to improve the world of advertising and media management. And as it turned out, we did.   

Abtin and Ashtan

The Origins: A Need for Efficiency

Our story began within the walls of our advertising agency Model B, where we grappled with the limitations of existing data aggregation and visualization tools. Plainly, the technology available only told half the story and presented us with more challenges. I.e. we needed a data team, an analytics team, and a strategy team to make sense of the data available from the technology we used. Sure, we could develop formulas and code on top of the current technology, but we then needed to rely on the support of those technologies regardless. Despite the plethora of options available, we were convinced that there had to be a more streamlined and efficient way to handle the aggregation, formulization, and presentation of the enormous amount of data available at our fingertips. Our vision was crystal clear: empower media management teams to spend less time on administrative chores like data aggregation and report generation, and more time optimizing campaigns for our clients. This unwavering commitment to efficiency and effectiveness laid the groundwork for Blueprint. 

From Model B to Blueprint 

The concept of Blueprint was initially nurtured within our agency, known as Model B. It was here that the seeds of our idea started to sprout, gradually evolving from a mere concept into a concrete project. Recognizing the immense potential of our brainchild and its transformative potential, we decided to take a leap of faith. 

Our innovative approach didn’t go unnoticed for long. Blueprint caught the attention of LogicBoost Labs, a startup accelerator renowned for identifying and nurturing promising ventures. They shared our belief in Blueprint’s AI-driven approach to media management and decided to invest in our project. This injection of capital and their expertise was a pivotal moment, enabling Blueprint to take its first steps towards becoming a fully-fledged SaaS (Software as a Service) digital media optimization software. 

Empowering Agencies and Brands Alike 

Our vision extends beyond just helping agencies. We want to put powerful tools in our customers’ hands to empower their insight into the depths of their agency’s work or to bring their media work in-house (if they so choose) and provide them with fuller control and greater advertising effectiveness. Our mission is to allow advertising teams to focus on what they were truly built for, which is creativity and strategy. 

For those of you as advertisers, the Blueprint platform offers a solution to the longstanding challenge of managing every creative, across multiple data streams, across every advertising platform,  and coordinating with various agencies. We’ve built the only agnostic technology that agencies and clients alike are able to utilize and streamline their entire advertising process. This is especially relevant for challenger brands and government agencies, some of whom have already embraced Blueprint to enhance their advertising efforts spending upwards of $100s of millions a year in their digital media strategy. 

Building the Advertising Platform for Tomorrow 

As we reflect on our journey and the impact Blueprint has made, we see that we are at the forefront of a significant movement in the advertising industry. We know that advertisers and brands are increasingly seeking control, visibility, and transparency in advertising processes. They want to move beyond the black box, both in the platforms and in relationships with agencies. 

This is a big shift and the desire for control and transparency in advertising is reshaping the industry. Blueprint is at the forefront of empowering advertisers and agencies to meet these demands effectively. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in advertising and media management. We will continue to evolve our platform, driven by your changing needs as advertisers and agencies, to provide innovative solutions that empower creativity, enhance efficiency, and promote transparency. The future of Blueprint is a future where you have greater control, agencies and advertisers can focus on their core strengths, and the industry as a whole thrives in this new era of advertising innovation.