Pushing Limits: Why More Creative Content Is Within Your Reach

Pushing Limits: Why More Creative Content Is Within Your Reach

Imagine you're in a room full of experienced marketers and advertisers, and you ask them, "If you could produce more creative content without any extra hassle, would you?" 

At first, you'd probably hear a resounding "yes" from everyone.

But if you go past this knee-jerk reaction (because more is always better, right?), you'll likely uncover some reservations about actually doing that. From resource constraints to quality control, there are plenty of reasons why marketers and advertisers hesitate at the thought of ramping up their creative production. Read this article to understand their rationales and see how Blueprint can help you solve them.    

Why Marketers Throttle Creative Output and How Blueprint Can Help



⚠️ Management Overloaded 

One of the main reasons marketers and advertisers hesitate to increase their creative output is the complexity involved in managing and tracking them. 

Setting up tracking, ensuring proper integration across platforms, and generating accurate reports can be cumbersome. This complexity subsequently creates bottlenecks, making it difficult to manage multiple campaigns efficiently. As a result, dynamic and varied ad campaigns get stifled because no one has the appetite to take them on. Marketers, with good reason, worry about the time and resources required to handle these tasks, which can detract from their ability to focus on other things.


✅ Management, Off-loaded

What if you could focus all your energy on building better creatives, targeting, and budget allocations? Imagine placing your ads on various platforms and networks with just the click of a button — no further effort is required. There's no catch. You just get more ads, better targeting, and less headaches. 

The Blueprint platform handles integration across different channels, seamlessly managing the technical aspects without the need for your input. Remember the management overload problem that marketing teams face? That becomes a thing of the past. Instead, they get to concentrate on what they do best: creating impactful and effective campaigns. With less time spent on technical details, you can drive better results and achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.



⚠️ Resource Scarcity

Another significant challenge is the resource constraints within creative teams. Many marketing departments struggle with limited manpower, which makes building a high volume of creatives a tall order. On top of that, managing these creatives adds to the workload, further complicating the situation. This extra burden often leads teams to stick with a smaller, more manageable number of ads. 


✅ Efficiency through Automation

Blueprint also handles all tracking and reporting automatically, so you don't have to worry about setting up UTM codes and pixels or dealing with cookies. It provides accurate and clean data without the usual hassle, freeing up valuable time and resources. In return, this automation allows your team to focus on strategic initiatives and more creative tasks, making your marketing efforts more efficient and effective. 



⚠️ Missing Your Audience

Marketers and advertisers might also worry about content saturation and maintaining a coherent strategy. There is a legitimate fear of overwhelming the audience with too many messages or diluting the brand’s core message. This trepidation often leads them to take a more conservative approach. 

Furthermore, increasing your number of creatives without a clear strategy can result in inconsistent and less effective campaigns. Ultimately, ensuring every piece of content aligns with the brand's voice and objectives is more important than putting out more creative for volume's sake.


Finding the Mark 

Think of all the energy you could put into your creative strategy if your team didn’t have to deal with managing them. Sounds appealing. With Blueprint, you can test more variations, content, and messages, directed to each audience segment, maximizing the impact of your advertising efforts. All you need to do is add more content to the platforms on which you're advertising. This provides more creative freedom, ensuring your campaigns stay fresh and relevant, keeping your audiences engaged. This way, you can focus on innovation and strategy while Blueprint handles the rest.



⚠️ Integrating New Tech  


Integrating new solutions with existing systems is a complex process that can be daunting and full of uncertainty. Marketers and advertisers often worry that adding a new platform will disrupt their current workflow and systems. What's more, implementing new systems usually requires training and change management, a significant challenge for teams stretched too thin already. The fear of a complicated transition makes many hesitant to adopt new tools, even if they promise improved efficiency.


✅ Augmenting What You Have

Blueprint doesn't require you to change how you currently traffic your ads, so there's no traditional transition or implementation process. It integrates with your existing systems seamlessly: Connect your platforms, and Blueprint takes care of the rest. This ensures a smooth user experience with zero disruption to your current workflow. Plus, we're here to support you every step of the way with training resources through our AI chat system and continuous live support to address any questions you or your team may have.



⚠️ Ensuring Quality

Increasing the number of creatives can raise concerns about maintaining ad quality. Marketers and advertisers worry that producing more content might lead to a drop in overall campaign quality. They fear that the push for quantity could compromise the creativity and effectiveness that made their ads successful in the first place.


Ensuring Quality at Scale

Blueprint doubles as a massive content management system that handles all your creatives automatically. It centralizes your images, videos, and other content alongside your audience-targeting data, making it easy to spot quality control issues quickly. 
With Blueprint's automation and streamlined processes, every creative gets tracked and reported accurately, freeing your team to focus on crafting high-quality content without the hassle of management overhead. 

✅ (BONUS) Understanding at Scale

When your team has real-time insights into all its creative activity, marketing becomes about idea creation and testing. That's the holy grail of advertising, where we guide our clients. Our platform offers in-the-moment insights and automated reporting, ensuring your senior management team always has up-to-date information. And by pinpointing where your media team should focus their time and attention, Blueprint shows the way to continuous improvement.



"The consumer isn't a moron; they are your partner. You insult their intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade them to buy anything. They want all the information you can give them."

Confessions of an Advertising Man – David Oglivy
This is the reality of great advertising, and Blueprint makes it possible for you. By tackling core issues like management overload, resource constraints, content strategy, quality control, and integration with existing systems, Blueprint empowers marketers to unleash their creative potential and revolutionize their advertising strategy. With Blueprint by your side, you have the tools to take your advertising game to the next level.


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